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Clients > Champneys

Champneys Tring Health Resort

Set in the beautiful and idyllic Hertfordshire countryside, Champneys Health Spa in Tring is unrivalled for its strong tradition of health, fitness and wellbeing. Here at James Corporate Health, we are delighted to announce a collaboration with Champneys Tring and Think Fitness to create Champneys Medical Centre – the country’s leading Medical Centre offering cutting edge science and medicine together with a bespoke professional service in the holistic treatment of all musculoskeletal and sporting injuries and rehabilitation. Our team of specialists include State Registered Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Sports Therapists and Personal Trainers.



Emma James Physio have been in a working relationship with Champneys for over 15 years. Through this time they have expanded their Health and Wellbeing services to a  large scale, providing a high quality of service and have become a trusted and reliable  provider to the Champneys Brand. In more recent times our relationship has increased to providing additional clinical space in central London, as well as leading  on a new project; providing a range of bespoke orthotics through an industry leading Podiatry company amongst our Cruise Ships service provider; another largescale corporate company.

Alan Whiteley
Managing Director



"Emma James Physio has been delivering physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and clinical pilates at Champneys Tring for 15 years. The level of service has been exceptional in terms of professionalism, communication skills and delivering results.


The Physios are knowledgeable, friendly and very thorough and I would highly recommend them to anyone I know who needed help. We have many success stories at Champneys with clients having been restored to full mobility due to the impressive examination, diagnosis and treatment from Emma James and her team".

Louise Day
Fitness & Wellbeing Director


Courses at Champneys Medical Centre

APPI Rehabilitation Pilates Matwork 1


Uniquely designed for trained and qualified health professionals, this is a foundation course across two days introducing the Pilates technique where you will learn the major sixteen movements for training lumbo-pelvic, scapula-thoracic and cervical stabalisation through observation, self-participation and practise teaching.


Those eligible for the Matwork Level One Course are as follows: Pysiotherapists, Osteopaths, Rehabilitation Therapists, Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, Sports Rehabilitation Therapists (with degree level qualification), Podiatrists, Doctors, students in their final year of a physiotherapy degree and graduates of a Human Movement or a Sports Science degree.


This course will enhance your knowledge of the clinical application of the Pilates movements and enable you to have a more indepth understanding when you subsequently teach the exercises to patients and clients.

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